About the Blog

I chose the name Startdust Adventures  because I’m an optimist and dreamer. The world doesn’t have to be a big, bad scary place. As human beings, we have the gift of choice. Unfortunately, the more important and morally sound those choices are; the more difficult they become to live. But it’s important to remain focused and disciplined in our desires to enact social changes. I’m hoping to encourage acts of kindness, cooperation and social change. No matter how dark some days seem, we can’t give up on the words of other dreamers like Dr. King, Malala, Gandhi, Buddha, Jesus and Ms. J.K Rowling.  I also like how adventures mean journeys and growth. It also encompasses the wide range of topics that I will probably write about. Of course, I’ll be mixing in some personal stuff about my journey! Some of my posts will be in the format of letters.

About Myself

Oh, umm this is awkward. Is anyone actually any good at writing about themselves? Funny, isn’t it? Living in a selfish culture and all that.

Hi, I’m Glenda Walsh Crouse from Westminster, Maryland. I’m  a 30 something hippie and happily married. I have  three adorable, but destructive kittens, you’ll probably read about them from time to time. I run a music school, work in Human Services with our local homeless population, illustrate and author children’s books on topics of social change and I teach tarot.

Basically, when is comes to me….what you see is what you get. I’m a Hufflepuff, what can I say?

I may look cute and cuddly, but I will go honey badger on you if mess with me, anyone I love or anyone that can’t defend themselves….

Check out this documentary on honey badgers https://youtu.be/45EbX3XPuqM